Five Advantages of Metal Packaging

Metal packaging might be your best choice by compared with other packaging materials, if you're looking for another alternative materials. There are many benefit for your products’ packaging that can help you to meet customers' requirement. The following are the five advantages of metal packaging:

1.Product protection
Using the metal to pack the canned food can keep the inside contents away from sunlight or other sources of light. Whether tinplate or aluminum, both two metal packaging are opaque, which can effectively keep sunlight away from the inside food. More important, metal packaging is strong enough to protect the inside contents from damage.


Some packaging materials are easy to damage during transportation or in store as time goes on. Take paper packaging as an example, the paper may has worn down and corroded by moisture. Even the plastic packaging break down and become sticky. By comparison, tinplate and aluminum packaging have a greater durability compared with paper and plastic packaging. Metal packaging is more durable and recyclable.


Most kinds of metal are recyclable materials. The two top recovery rate of metal packaging materials are aluminum and tinplate. Currently most companies are using the metal packaging that made of recycled materials, instead of new freshly mines. It's estimated that 80% of metal ever produced in the world is still in use now.

4.Light weight
Aluminum packaging is far lighter than other kinds of metal packaging materials in terms of weight. For example, an average six-pack of aluminum beer cans weighs much lighter than an average six-pack of glass beer bottles. Lighter weight meant a reduction on shipping costs, which also improve the convenience for those customers who buy the products.


5.Attractive to customers
As we all know, the reason why the easy-open-can packaging product is widely used and become more popular is because of its recyclability and environmentally friendly feature. Nowadays many countries are commonly encourage consumers to use environmental packaging materials to reduce the carbon footprint and to live more sustainable, eco-friendly lives.

At Hualong EOE, we could offer a range of round easy-open-end product for your tin can packaging. We could also provide you a series of OEM service based on your requirements. We are convinced that we have the ability to reach your requirements since now our production capacity can reach over 4 billion pieces per year.

Post time: Dec-25-2021