Hualong EOE: Need Reliable Easy-Open-End Manufacturer?

China Hualong Easy Open End Co., Ltd, is a large EOE professional manufacturer with over 18 years in easy open end manufacturing field. Our enterprise offers a full range of round shape easy open end products and relevant OEM service for canning industry customers.

Hualong EOE can meet the entire range of Canmakers’ needs in terms of material, size and colors, with guaranteed high quality for both pre-treated and lacquered food can. Because we have a whole range of round shape easy open end product category, size range from 50mm to 153mm (200# to 603#), with 8 kinds of lacquers and more than 180 kinds of product combinations. If there is a single subject guaranteed to produce high quality products, it is advanced production lines. So this is the reason why Hualong EOE introduced with 10 imported advanced production lines, including 8 sets of MINSTER lines from USA range from 3 lanes to 6 lanes high-speed system, and 2 sets of SCHULER lines from Germany with 3 to 4 lanes. Through the ISO 9001 international quality system certification and the Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000, we can guarantee that our EOE products do conform to the international standard levels. With the comprehensive conditions above, our annual production capacity has exceeded 4 billion pieces. If you need EOE products, you can count on us, we can satisfy with what you need.

Need Reliable Easy-Open-End Manufacturer


Post time: Mar-06-2023