The Key Cause of the Swelled Food Cans with Easy Open End

After the process of canned the canned food with easy open end is done, the inside vacuum must be pumped. When the internal atmospheric pressure inside the can is lower than the external atmospheric pressure outside the can, it will generate the inward pressure, which can lead to the cover of whole easy open end can face inward. The outside external air may enter the tank if food cans are not well sealed. When the pressure inside and outside the tank are equal, it will appear as swelled cans. If the contents inside of easy to open cans are corrupted owing to lax sterilization, it is not the secondary pollution caused by the external air entering the cans from the outside, but the anaerobic bacteria. The external air generated after decomposing the substances in the cans will lead the cans swelled. While the food cans with easy open end is relatively small, the amount of inside microorganisms is also small, and the amount of gas produced is lower than the outside atmospheric pressure. However, if the amount of microorganisms inside the tank is large enough, it cannot be ruled out that the excessive pressure of the generated rotten gas will lead to tank expansion.


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Post time: Nov-07-2021